Drying Rooms

We can provide you with drying & changing rooms onsite.
As standard drying rooms come with benches, coat hooks, and heaters, Providing a comfortable changing space for your workforce.

Drying Rooms Features

The drying rooms for hire come in various sizes, and the floor plan can be configured in multiple ways to suit your needs. Changing room units can be combined with other units available for hires, such as storage, a canteen or site offices.

Functional Space

All of our units have lighting, electricity, and heating. In addition, they have a heavy-duty vinyl floor and are fully insulated.

Completely safe

Our units are safe and secure because they are built entirely of steel and are anti-vandal.

Adaptable Space

Combine an office with storage, a canteen, or a changing room to create the exact space you require.


There are various sizes of hire units available 10ft x 8ft, 20ft x 8ft + more

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