Truck & Crane Hire

Are you looking to hire a truck-mounted crane to transport your machinery or containers ? Here at Shipcon, we provide  a specialist self loading  and unloading service for transporting anything from engineering machinery to containers, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment to  telecoms equipment and anything else you might need moved !

We offer  reliable  service from start to finish no matter how big or small the job is. Health and safety is a priority whether it’s on site or on the road our fully trained and fully equipped drivers will take care of your load.
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Moving Heavy Goods

At Shipcon, we are also a licensed transport company specialising in truck mounted crane hire. If you need to move large items like shipping containers or cabins, our team can help. We can provide professionally-maintained equipment and fully qualified operators to help your project run seamlessly. Our specialist team are able to advise you on the right type of hire equipment for your needs.

Reliable transportation services

From a seamless transition in load location to the storage and safekeeping of expensive goods, we provide you with everything you require for successful and strain-free transportation. We can help you move and lift heavy-duty machinery, containers and modular buildings, ensuring you don’t have to move a muscle.

We have specialist teams with high experience and knowledge to transport almost anything safely and quickly. Whether you want your shipping container, portacabin or log cabins moved, you can rely on Shipcon to do the heavy lifting and transportation for you in a safe and efficient way at affordable prices. We can also help move your garden rooms, air conditioning units and large garden ornaments using our truck-mounted cranes.

Why choose Shipcon?

We’re specialists in self loading and unloading, so you can rely on us to transport your goods from one location to another. We can help transport goods of any scale and also offer lifting services. This guarantees you have a seamless and easy move without lifting a finger. Simply provide us with the location you want your goods to be delivered, and we will do the rest.

With Shipcon, you can trust that your goods will be safe and in good condition when they‘re delivered, as we handle all our goods with precision and care.

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